A Day, Destroyed and Lost, in Hungry Death: From A Kallikantzaros’ Vision

Our sun has abandoned us in the burnt night

We lost the light of evenings

that once were only for us

The fallen night rules our life

and now, we too are lost.

In the wet forest,

in the dead sea,

not even on the white moon,

a laughing memory

One, two, what comes next?

Tell us, since we cannot say it

It’s the tossed curse of the kallikantzaroi

Forever we wait to hear your carols

to find our liberation in your filthy world

And we’re still waiting. Why?

If we were your beloved centaurs

You would have let us see, no, take all your world

Instead of standing in the angry waters

But don’t you know your centaurs died centuries ago

and we are your new centaurs?

Listen to us, to learn correctly…

ah, the sun has found us.

Quickly, okay.

You have won this year, but next year you will see

We will return again when you have left…

when the light of the sky has gone to sleep.

Back to your waters,

back to your tree,

and back to your end and our beginning.

-Fotini (Tia) Polihros

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