Anything, by Mihir Rastogi

In my room

Its eternal light

In my room

No one sleeps at night

She stands in the doorway

Imploring, ignoring

She tells me

It’s in my hands

But I have nothing.

She tells me

It’s in my hands

And I have something

That keeps me from growing

Beyond my own skin

Something that holds me

And makes sure he wins

But my hearts tired of

Beating so slow

She’s screaming

It’s in my hands

And I can’t take it

I get up and shout:

I’ll give you anything you want

I’ll go out of my way

Just tell me what you want

And I won’t complain

About anything, anymore.

Because you’re the only one

Worth giving for.

She sighs

And says

It’s in my hands

I look away.

In my room,

Is where I stay.

-Mihir Rastogi