Blood Rose

Blood Rose by Eugene Zeng

Among the ashes we once lived, I found the splinter.

The splinter grew out of the bones we carved in the fires burning for years

Without end

We found a new beginning and built our civilization in a black city

we could never call our own

Yet amid the rubble, a single rose remained.

It was a blood rose

The last reminder that Darkaidia belonged to our kind.

Each firm petal bared a sharp edge

Like a razor that could slit a vein twice in half

I remember the rose

It cut me

Its thorn imprinted my flesh.

As the days mold and the clouds tear themselves apart

The rain befalls us.

We fall to crumbs.

My scar remains in you.

Your blood contains my black soul.

And your pride is no longer yours.

I toy with your emotions

Because I own them

Unlike the key you never gave me.

But fear not.

I have turned your kingdom into my dungeon.

Every prince is a skeleton rotting in cement

And every goblin rules the midland creatures.

The ocean has turned into a rich black sea

composed of ancient memories I abandoned

When I arrived

With the knowledge I would remake history

So all will bow in fear at the mention of me

Darkaidia has returned.

Her rise was never foretold.

Her story never captured.

Her life never anticipated.

But I am here.

The trees killed themselves when I rose

Born again from the pus of a piranha’s mouth

At my touch, water became blood

And bones melted into skin.

The sky will forever bare

My mark.

Look not for the stars.

I carved out their eyes

Decomposed their snake remains

and stuck them beneath the depths of the sea.

In a thousand years, they will become death.

And I am its leader.

You are my prey.

You may live for now

But tomorrow holds more appeal for me.

-Fotini (Tia) Polihros

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