Clear Waters Lack No Troubles

What do you think of,

when you see me?

Take a good long



Stare at me

as only

the sun wishes

she could.

Observe me.

What do you see?


Am I a demon

Am I a monster

Am I a fiend


Am I

 more beautiful

than a

dying star?

Am I

a dream




Perhaps you do not know.


That is much better for me.

You cannot possibly begin to uncover my tale.

You cannot understand me.

I am a royal mermaid.

I hail from Greece.

In the prime of her life.

I am

a mystery

you can

never solve

I live in the deep blue

I bathe in her

ice-cold waters,

I nap off the Mediterranean,

and dive near Constantinople,

where my kind thrive,

whose ruins have yet to fall.

But I do not look for humans.

I do not have time

for their petty problems,

not even for their tears.

Both turn me.

Both turn me insane

destroying my spirit

channeling me into a ghost.

I tell you now to leave

You do not want to know a mermaid like me.

I am a danger to you

I am more a vampire than a ghoul

I am less of a human than you.

I can kill you

with one closed violet eye.

If I choose so.

I can take you from that rock you sit upon to hear my story


no, I am not like that.

Perhaps I will not tell you anything

Perhaps I will reveal nothing

Perhaps I will sit here in my trance

but if I see you again in my sea,

I will cut you

I will cut you with my sharp seashells

until your blood runs from your neck

and you die while the sun smiles a devilish smile

and the night yawns a sleepy yawn.

as your old bones curdle into foam

and your black blood becomes pudding.

-Fotini (Tia) Polihros