Craters, by Michael Nilo

Darling, let’s drive around and watch the stars shy behind the clouds.

As it gets dimmer out, let’s let things simmer down, now.

And like the ocean breeze, you’re taking over me.

I hear the crashing waves, but I know that everything’s okay.

Stars will fade and strike the ground. I know there are craters to be found,

But whenever you’re around, I know that I’ll be safe and sound.

And now I understand, like high tides kiss the sand,

I know our love is true, and I will dive right into you.

‘Cause your lips imprinted on mine, like footsteps on the shoreline,

But what good’s the shore to me or you, if there’s a sea between us two?

And at times, these waters get rough, but we’ve learned to sail right through.

So if I plunge in heart first, I hope you jump in too.

So when my skin is wrinkled, from a lifetime of swimming through your soul,

You’ll still shine as bright as the stars did on the night that you first hit.

And though the sky and the sea are not always perfect,

I promise, in the end, this all will have been worth it.

-Michael Nilo

Featured in Vol. 1 Iss. 3