Echoes, by Aurora Morton

Like echoes in mountains my words are lost in you

because your reflection is better

then any thing I could ever say.

I’ve lost flesh and bones

so I could be just your words.

Then as I repeat every sentence

I am your air in your lungs and in your heart.

When I am nothing but the words you say

I am more beautiful than any physical form I could hold.

Through you I can be beautiful.

Except, my love, you had no interest in words.

You found lust in self and love in silence.

Your own hands reached for your own body

and their was no space for me in between the silence of your moans.

Why could you not scream for me my love?

If only your name could slip past your petal lips

then I too could taste how you feel.

Instead you grasped for silver surface

and found the lie you lived for so long.

We drowned right after.

You drifted pale and beautiful leaving narcissi on the river side

and I in the silence bond to no human form

Our last words still echo in the breeze

so quiet that only the grass can ever hear our pleas

Maybe now you’ll know my love

of how love lingers lost above.

-Aurora Morton