Elsa’s Kiss, by Wesly Ayer

The music pounds in Elsa’s ears as she glides through the crowded club toward the bar; her friends running late, she decides to pass the time relaxing her nerves. Tonight is the night, she thinks, eyeing up the bodies gyrating on the dance floor. A man catches her eye across the floor. He is Thor-incarnate, his blonde hair cascading to his shoulders, his muscular torso bursting out of his Hollister shirt, his jeans packing even muscular legs. Hmm, that one will do nicely; she finishes her drink, and waves, leaning against the bar. He makes his way over to her surprisingly quick, Easy big boy, no need to rush.  “Hi there, name’s Garrett.”  He eyes her up and down, a snide smirk crossing his face. It takes all Elsa has to hold back the urge to gag. “Hi, my name’s Elsa. Buy a girl a drink, and we’ll see where this night takes us. My friends are running late, and I could use the company from such a strapping man such as you.” She turns around, leaning forward on the bar, her assets on full display. “YO! BRO, TWO BEERS!” Garrett hollers. A little T&A and they’re butter in my hands. Men are so predictable.

As she takes the beer from Garrett, her phone goes off. “Can you hold this, babe?” She bats her eyes, and Garrett gladly takes it from her.  It better be one of them, so help them. She takes out the phone from a pocket in her skirt and ONE NEW TEXT MESSAGE stares back at her from Lilly. “Hey GURL, so sorry Bianca and I are running late, we’ll be there soon. You find anyone? We have our fingers crossed, LUVS!” She slides it back into her pocket, and takes back the beer, and drinks it till it’s empty. Garrett eyes her with amazement. “That. Was. Amazing!” He follows suit, and Elsa grabs him and pushes people aside to get to the middle of the dance floor. Garrett slides up to her, wrapping his arms around her waist, taking her in tight against his body. Their bodies sway to the music, Elsa’s emerald eyes staring deep into Garrett’s baby blues. He stares back, transfixed, forgetting the other bodies crowding the floor; Time seems to slow down, the crowds moving slower than they should be.  Elsa leans into Garrett, her lips grazing his ear. “Let’s go somewhere a little quieter, shall we?” She leans back, and looks into his eyes, Garrett smiles, a glassy look in his eyes. She leads Garrett through the crowd toward the emergency exit, with a quick glance over her shoulder she spies Lilly and Bianca smoothly working their way into the room. Lilly’s gaze falls on her and then Garrett then back to her, a wink and smile then her attention is on the bar.  Pushing open the Exit door, a breeze of warm spring air greet Elsa and Garrett, the alley a dark, menacing space of trash cans and rodents scurrying around. Elsa smiles up at Garrett, he smiles back. “Baby, I want you so bad, let’s take care of that, shall we?” She saunters backwards down the alley, unbuttoning her shirt, Garrett follows her, and she slides up against a wall, he pushes up against her and she pulls him in and kisses him.  He pulls back and takes off his shirt, a hungry look in his eyes.

Elsa pushes him against a wall and kisses him in earnest, almost devouring his lips. Garrett tries to keep up with her motions, but he’s losing breath, and pulls back. “Baby, ease up, I-“, staring back at him are the eyes of the deepest purple, and teeth pointed like those of a shark. “What the—“, his protest cut short by Elsa’s fervent kiss. He tries to fight back, but his body grows weak, his skin turning pallid and shriveling, tightening against his bones, his hair turns white, and his eyes bulging out of his head. His body slumps to the ground, Garrett no longer of this world.  Elsa looks at the body slumped in front of her, and smiles, her looks back to normal, “Thanks, baby, that was amazing. Just what I needed.” She turns to leave the alley; Lilly and Bianca wait for her on the street. “Well, did you enjoy it?” Lilly asks. “I most certainly did, my Dear,” Elsa replies, buttoning her shirt.

– Wesly Ayer