The Feast of the Blood Moon, by T.H. Smith

The Imaginate Cover

The Beast! The Beast!

The wretched beast!

It feasts upon

the gnarled bones

and flesh of those

whose sin is everlasting.

Never lasting

through the night,

they wail beneath the moon

red with blood,

their flesh consumed,

the poor souls doomed

by the Beast of Blood Moon Night!

O’ Beast! O’ Beast!

His feast is nigh!

While the heavens turn

a careless eye

and the ever creeping

crimson veil

prevails the moon in full.

Atop the hillock

bathed in red

the horned beast rears

his mighty head.

For Satan’s pet

will have his fill

on the Feast of Blood Moon Night!

Beware! Beware!

For if ye dare

to venture forth

‘neath scarlet skies,

a grisly end

I do portend

by tooth and claw and bite.

So lock thy doors

before the dusk,

and hold thy children near

lest he catch Transgression’s

wicked scent

and ye become his meal.

Beware! Beware!

Beware the Beast,

for the Blood Moon lives tonight!

-T.H. Smith