(Hu)manifesto, Alex Toke

We live in a world with hearts that pulse but do not beat,

with digital eyes that neither blink nor do they sleep,

where the oozing wounds of society leak neither blood nor soul, but money—

where the market price of a human life is the most dispensable of commodities,

and they tell us to contribute further to the machine.

Black-ink clouds of lies drip droplets of cancer onto polluted minds from polluted skies

where metal wings are the only ones that fly over

seas of tears that constantly rise, wept by mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers,

waves lapping at the bones of Earth as it atrophies and dies.

Mother, Father, you were wrong!

The world is darker than I thought,

with the penchant for mechanical sterility leading to the cultivation of cynical nihility,

where all-seeing sightless eyes capture all but the bigger picture of the evil they have wrought,

we have wrought—

an omniscient world of the truly blind.

…And they tell us to be a part of the machine,

that we are no more than living, organic beings,

but we are no less than living, organic beings,

with the ability in all of us to create, and be, and see,

see it all, not merely for what it is, but what it should be.

Normative phrases shunned because they tell us what we need.

Positively, we need change, not chains,

living hearts and conscious brains,

not a corporate existence where externalities are hopelessness, poverty, and pain.

The universe is hardship and it is scarcity,

but it is also beauty and it is majesty.

The current state of currency traded in microseconds to put a price on each moment

is not cognizant of where we have been or where we will be.

If you kill me I will become more than I am, I will scream for the world from every single atom.

We will never sustain a system that treats us as anything less than human.

We are beings, not commodities,

and we will never be part of a machine.

-Alex Toke

Featured in Vol. 3 Iss. 2
Featured in Vol. 3 Iss. 2