I, The Tower Poem


The Tower of Infinite Darkness,

Known for harnessing the most rampant creatures in this universe,

Am no longer in control of my actions.

The beings-

Popularly known as humans-

Have become a part of what I am.

Though they swim through their own shadows,

Lost and in the dark,

Mankind could have no better home.

The billions of them,

And the trillions that were soon to follow,

Deserve better than the universe.


Here, mankind is safe.


Mankind is home.

The only true home a human could ever have,

Behind their own closed eyes.

For it was from Darkness that this universe was created.

It was I,

The Tower,

That linked the dimensions,

And traversed the worlds.

For it was Light that threatened to reveal it all.

The secret of creation,

Is shrouded in black,

Free for those brave enough to embrace who they are,

And what they aren’t.

So when you are lost,

In this empty void,

Remember the teachings from what you thought was reality,

And know…

The Light hides,

What the Darkness creates.

-Richard Dare