Indigo Providence, by Dylan Gano

I find it very difficult… almost impossible to condense the sequence of events that transpired into something comprehensible, but I will do my very best. I was among the generation of children that were ‘abducted’ with the intention of being saved from the apocalypse. This isn’t a story of heroes, saviors, biblical redemption or the second coming of the messiah or anything even close to that nature. This is a story of assembly under the pretenses that the world was on the brink of destruction at the cold hand of man. This man had a death grip on our galaxy’s baby, and she wanted to reclaim her child.

She started with some heat, just to get things cooking. This all started with a gradual rise of temperatures. And you know humans well enough to realize, they took this as a blessing granted from “god”. God wasn’t here for this. Then came the solar flares that wiped out massive cities’ electricity indefinitely. Can you imagine the hysteria caused in New York City without their precious electronics? Our leader found sick amusement in witnessing the chickens dancing with their severed heads at their feet. Civilization developed to depend on these electronics neglecting the ancient wisdom and forces trapped within their souls. But it doesn’t end here.

After she had the heat on high, she decided that the creation of hell on earth was too spot on biblically, so she decided that the ice was due. Our leader said it was like witnessing an incompetent butcher lock themselves in a freezer. Ungodly temperatures, in an electric void Nation mind you, were widespread. From California to New Jersey, the temperature did not exceed zero degrees fahrenheit. The population was dwindling at such a rate that organized groups of authority (i.e the government) decided to abandon their respective entities.

Mind you, this is from the perspective of a survivor telling the tale of a world power’s fall from grace. But it was by no means a graceful fall. Now, the world’s population was in the mere millions. It was time to act. Our forefather had been garnering support from an early age without revealing his outlined, elaborate plan for taking back mother earth and returning her to her mother.Strangely, it was almost as though he had prior knowledge of my next revelation… The great storm of 2030. I say this entirely stipulatory because tales of angels visiting our great forefather in his sleep circulate like a rumor in a high school (or at least that’s what i think they were called).

This massive storm could not be referred to as a hurricane, no, it would not do it justice. It spanned every square inch of the earth from continent to continent and lasted for 6 years. The entire population was thought to be wiped out by those rich enough to have left earth. She yearned for this excursion, as she was growing sick with cancer from a polluted water source, toxic air, and poisoned soil. The departed had no intentions of returning though, as it was perceived uninhabitable.

Our secret society knew otherwise, when we decided it was safe to return to ground level. Little did the escapees know that we were lying dormant underneath the gentle, yet thick protective layered embrace of our beloved mother earth. She rewarded us too. The inter- communicative systems of earth rejoiced at the revelation of earth’s return to her birth mother. The wind carried the seeds of near extinct species of plant life gracefully on the waves of wind like a boat down a river. Within weeks, amidst the gentle mist of rain, the flow of life returned to homeostasis.

As the plants flowered and buds poked out to greet the potent rays of sun, our leader realized that the Great Plan had worked as intended. That is… step one of course. There was much work to be done. For ‘God’s’ sake, society had been reduced to nothing and the earth’s simulation was restarted. Her purge left only the mentally strongest, most kind and loving creatures. We abandoned any labels to detach from any perceived separation. We were one.

His vision of singularity extended from the core of the earth to the soil above, to the atmosphere, to the ever extending corners of the universe. He saw that everything consisted of the same carbon material, atoms and all. Strangely, perverse occurrences became very prominent as the laws of science had been uprooted and trampled all over… by elephants. The metaphysical world had come to life. With the absence or death of the majority of the holders of prominent beliefs… things started getting a little weird, to say the least.

It is believed that all humans possessed what is called an accepted collective consciousness, in which all we knew, perceived, and accepted as reality was widespread. With new doctrines, beliefs, and environment present, humans evolved at rates never known possible. The mind was simply capable of anything. Depending on your control of your mental power, capacity, and facilitation from guru’s, literally any desired mental trait (if it benefited the universe) could come into fruition. I, I, had little say in this matter because it was foretold by The Creators that I would carry the memories of the universe.

This information could not be read or passed down, it had to be absorbed. Before i could receive one ounce of knowledge, I had to be put through trials and tribulations said to be the most difficult and taxing a human can experience within our new biological parameters. We did not know our new life expectancy, but I was believed to die much earlier than the others. Once I did, the absorbed knowledge would be released back into the universe, but it’s impression would live on in the new collective consciousness of humankind.

The meditative processes I learned granted me the ability to travel through the astral planes to visit every inch of the primitive universe. I learned to control myself to every extent imaginable… including others. I could infiltrate others’ minds to plant ideas and return to water them and watch them grow to expansive vegetations of power. Mind you that this gift could easily be used for malicious intent. But I was forbidden to infiltrate another’s mind unless they were at risk of comprising the plan, and all my doings went through positive filtrations.

These were all the positive implications of my inherited knowledge. One must know how incredibly old the universe is compared to how relatively young the earth is. I experienced the oppression and genocide of many cultures and races. I experienced what it’s like to be severed at the waist with my entrails seeping like serpents onto the floor during ancient battles of attrition. I saw through the eyes of every humanoid to ever crawl,walk, or run the face of the earth and my energy, though vast and immense at first, was depleting. I began my training at age 12, and by 15 I looked as though i were a worn and tired old man.

But I was. My insides had aged at the rate of a single cell dividing and multiplying. I ached physically, but mentally too. I could only go on so much longer. I could feel my consciousness slipping out of the grooves of my cohesive exoskeleton medium of life. The community gathered around my deathbed sorrowfully, but also with a divine acceptance that everything would be ok. I relay this story from the grave.

As a gift from the heavens, my consciousness was granted eternal privilege. I was appointed the peaceful guardian of the universe to spread the ancient wisdom and knowledge through my remaining ancestors. I see it through that their new civilization, known as Indigo Providence, flourishes. The civilization that seeks success through peace and love. I finally have achieved Nirvana, floating through time and space The view is unbelievable up here, too.

-Dylan Gano

Featured in Vol. 3 Iss. 5,
Featured in Vol. 3 Iss. 5,