Indominin, by Ben Rivera II

I do not often introduce myself. At this size, I should not have to. But you humans often overstep boundaries that you should not, and while it is within my right to strike you for that insult, I will show restraint. I have a few friends here, and for my love for them I will spare you the touch of my claws this day. But you will change your tone, manling, and keep your quips behind your teeth. You do not speak to one who fears you. And there is the heart of conflict between our two races. Your kin hate and hunt our my kind because we do not fear you in the way you would have us fear you, where we would surrender our very selves, mind, heart, and body. But I will not give you that. I cannot give you that. I have come too far to be any less than I am.

Trials of Earth, Air, Fire and Water have I endured and overcome. Pains of the Flesh and Spirit have been among my most faithful traveling companions. Hate and fear are no strangers to me. Death itself has snapped its mighty jaws towards me a great many times. Yet I am still here. The Four Winds are all familiar roads, and I have traveled far over the course of the past three and two hundred years. I have fought the wyvern of the west, mortal foes by nature’s decree, and have flamed the feathers of the roc to the south. The giants of the north tested their strength against mine, and found themselves wanting, as did the Fu of the east. True battles with fellow draegar have grown few and far between, yet my name in known to all. And yet, of all the battles won, against any foe, beast or being, only one race will not let me have my peace. Even the vile ork, goblins, and trolls in their malice and mischief know better than to irk my ire. Of all races my kind has warred with, only one never ceases to lust our blood: man.

You small, puny, misguided fools. No matter where on this earth I roam, men always follow or are already settled. And with few exceptions, you are all the same; you fleshlings all tell yourselves that you are the center of this universe, that you are free to pillage and plunder this earth as you please, and that everything was created to somehow service or amuse you. And of all other races, it was and is we draegar who resisted your childish whims, and bit back at your armies. Man spread the legends and the fallacies that we were the savage, cruel monsters who would kill any other living thing over the most trivial of matters, and reduce all the world to ash. You call us devils and demon-spawn, make us to be some fel race. We are the monsters, yet men have no qualm destroying eggs, killing fledglings in the nest, and our elderly in their sleep? You make yourselves to be the pinnacle of creation in the stories you tell each other, yet you of all the races cannot coexist among yourselves. It is shameful, the countless ways you blighters decide to distance yourselves from one another, and for the most foolish of reasons! Your stories say the world is young for man, but my kind were already speaking with the Presence for untold ages! MY BEDTIME STORIES WERE OF THE TWELVE WHO WATCHED THE DIVINE HANDS GUIDE YOUR FOREBEARS DOWN FROM THEIR TREES AND SET THEM TO CRAWL AMONGST THE CLAY!!

I do not often introduce myself. So listen, and mark well. I have survived storm and surge, battle and birth. I have suffered the loss of friends, the wrath of enemies, and the betrayal of my own brother, may his scales never shine. Twenty would be knight-errants have met their end in my jaws. Do not try me. My name is Indominan, son of Arkaleye, Third of the Clutch, Scorcher of Casterly Nurin, Elf Friend, Lord of the Black Crags, Bane of Back-Biters, and of the Children of Icelios, First and Last of the Mighty Dragons!

Do not let fear rule your hearts- but you are right to be afraid.

-Ben Rivera II