Jack, by Lismarie Vega

Dear old Jack
All dressed in black
Standing in the dark
You called me near
And held me dear
Alone in the park
Just another day
Couldn’t wait for the pay
For just a little fun
But you had plans
And with your hands
Made there would be none
And as it seemed
Although I screamed
My voice didn’t carry far
With a rip
From tip to tip
You left me with a scar
There I lay
And to this day
You haven’t faced the blame
For the deed
That made me bleed
And showered you in fame
Dear Old Jack
They couldn’t crack
How you vanished without a sound
I wish I knew
The thing’s you’d do
That put me in the ground

~Lismarie Vega

Featured in Vol. 3 Iss 4
Featured in Vol. 3 Iss 4

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