Kiss me with my name on your lips, by Alex Toke

and you will find your name waiting on mine.

A whispered line, sibilant sighs,

brushing like a lonely cloud drifting cross moonlight

from your feet to your thighs, up your chest into your mind.

Your eyes touch me like I thought fingers never could,

sensuality incarnate is the touch of your consciousness as it emerges from under its mortal hood.

I am exposed to your every scrutiny,

my flesh bared and laid out as a feast if only you will have me, taste me.

Breathe each breath we gift each other,

a dance of atoms as if there could be only we two,

nary another idea to pollute what we perceive as objective truth.

If love lasts forever, why can it not have already existed for eternity?

You and I have been in love together since before we even became we.

-Alex Toke

Featured in Vol. 3 Iss. 2
Featured in Vol. 3 Iss. 2