Monsoon Tune, by Nikko Espina

Surf, sun, Hawaii.

Steel drums and ska beats

Sing of Marley

Ever sweet.

Sublime Cali

Or blazing Maui.

Hippy culture

Soaked within you.

Ripped jeans

And bonfires.

Sexy bodies in the sun.

Love, fun, reggae.

Dreads on your head,

Sand on your feet.Take me to bed

And we can make a beat.

Strum on guitar

Or pluck the uke.

We’ll write the lyrics

Of the monsoon tune.

Shallow tide

Never hide.

Moonlight water,

Waves beat harder.

In the dark,

Winds part.

Twilight soul

And Hawaiian heart.

Please hum your tune for me.

Raindrops settle

On Maui rocks,

But don’t disrupt

The monsoon tune

That we hear,

Outside this room.

“Banana Pancakes”

In my head.


Juice dripping loose,

From the coconut,White and hairy.

Sweet perfume

Of Caillat lily.

Monstrous monsoon tune

Of plucked ukulele

And bouncing piano keys.

Light raindrops

And easy breeze.

Write the truest melody;

What will the lyrics be?

Write and hum the tune

Of this Hawaiian monsoon.

-Nikko Espina

Featured Image by Megha Patel

Featured in Vol. 3 Iss. 5,
Featured in Vol. 3 Iss. 5,