Neitzsche, by Matt Heartman

Poem by Matt Heartman

(If you like Neitzsche this is not for you 😉 )

In you are combined
Confucius’ bigotry,
Laozi’s inscrutability,
abuse of straw men,
Descartes’ non sequiturs,
Kant’s inflexibility,
Rand’s proud amateurism,
Schopenhauer’s misanthropy,
New Age pseudoscience,
An arrogance all your own,
And worse.

You were a hipster,
Before it became mainstream.
You annoy and criticize
For attention.

I like you best,
When I forget you entirely.
I despise you most,
When I read your books.

Your writing tests the will;
Every page I read is a triumph.
The eye slips off your venomous stupidity,
Lest the brain be damaged.

I take your ubermensch,
Your eternal recurrence,
Your will to power,
And your stupid mustache,
And throw them in the dust.

I wish to tear your pages out
One by one as I finish them.
And hope that I am never made
To waste life on your drivel again

Many keep diaries,
For the things you afflict us with.
Take your cathartic rants and free verse,
And put them out of the light.

Crawl back into your 19th century.
You have no business here.