Breanne Springstead – Writer Portfolio

This is Breanne Springstead’s Portfolio. She is graduating this upcoming semester after being involved with The Imaginate for two years. Her role was PR Chair and she wrote mostly short stories, poetry, and her on-going serial, Through Cyberspace. 


By: Breanne Springstead
Illustrated by Benjamin Foster

“I’m getting nervous… Where are you? Why haven’t I heard from you? Please, God, I hope you’re okay. I hope that things down there are better than things up here. When is this going to end?”

Next Part: January 2016
Next Part: January 2016
Part 1, 12/7/15, Online
By Benjamin Foster
Teaser, 10/27/15, Online
Flash Fictions
Lonely Passenger
Must Connect
This Isn’t Heaven, This Isn’t Hell

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