Precious Life Forms, by Breanne Springstead

Image 1 by Eugene Zeng

“Oh God, we’re losing him.” She anxiously picked at her thumbnails and tapped her foot.

“Do everything you can to conserve his energy!”
“He’s going to have to be hooked up to this wire for now… I promise, it’s only temporary. We’re doing everything we can to preserve what life is left.” She began to feel anxious—what would she do without him? How long would he be hooked up like this?
He saw the look of anguish on her face. “Go get some fresh air,” he suggested, “Come back in a few hours. We’ll see if there has been any improvement then.”
She looked anxious and reluctantly agreed to step out. It was like she was leaving a piece of her behind. It’s all a waiting game, really.
She took a stroll down the block and grabbed a cup of coffee and a bagel. But then she headed back to him—she couldn’t bear to be away for more than thirty minutes.
“Ah, yes, good news!” he said as she walked in the door, “you’re phone’s life has been restored, you can unplug it now.”

-Breanne Springstead