Procrastination destroyed my GPA.

There’s no excuse, what do you want me to say?

I always think: “Not now, maybe later, it can wait.

How many points off if I turn it in late?

There are a hundred other things that need to be done,

Maybe my mind will think better after some fun.”

A week goes by; the due-date is in sight.

No worries, I finished the job in ten minutes last night!

I say, “Those delays weren’t destructive; my grade will be just fine.”

My lack of effort shows up in red ink, every time.

Work ethic is the difference between tasks and chores,

If I fixed mine, I’d avoid all this sorrow.

Fine! If starting sooner will raise my scores,

I’ll change my ways first thing tomorrow.

-Tyler Gamba

Featured in Vol. 3, Iss.1
Featured in Vol. 3, Iss.1