quiet the bones, by Roxy Harrison

Quiet in my bones, Roxy Harrison

In the dark,

shivering in the aftermath of

loss, your hand is a prayer against the

small of my back. spine

bones unclenching and releasing

heat for all the tension held

in my throat and eyes.

Tighter than sun-singed skin

and quaking down to my vertebrae,

you pull the threads of my muscle

so my lungs feel like they can

c o n t r a c t.

without collapsing like so much

empty tissue dissolving in

the oceanic tremors of my

benthic grief.

Your hand,

a space of gravity and release,

feels through my shudders,

a plea to come home.




quiets, I

touch your veins teeming with life,

reminding me of the one I have still to


I have still to live.

-Roxy Harrison


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  1. Pooja Hiremath

    This is breathtakingly, hauntingly beautiful. This is poetry.

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