She is, by Diane Cardoso

She is Malia

Formidable, beautiful, a fighter

She is the moon

Drowning the night with a hushed growl and a proud glare

Fighting against the shadows and protecting those in slumber

She is a painter

Painting cheeks a soft pink and soaking palms in sweat

But also using her claws as a paintbrush, leaving bright red strokes

She is a guardian

Trembling with pain when she sees the defenseless fall

Vowing desperately to work harder to keep hearts beating

She is a fighter

Exceeding her own expectations to prove she is worthy

With a naïve fearlessness and willingness to fall, only to stand stronger

She is a flower

Aching to provide life to those around her and to be loved in return

Innocent and delicate but able to withstand a storm

She is the sun

Warming those around her with acceptance and understanding

Trying to spread light before darkness infiltrates her surroundings

She is Malia

Resilient, fervent, a warrior

-Diane Cardoso