The Alien Girl of the Third Planet from the Sun, by Lisa Ankrah

Did you hear

About the girl

Who’s nothing like us?

Of course!

Who could forget those ugly-ass running sneakers

Those long-sleeved shirts

Those tattered jeans?

Everybody knows

About that girl

Who plays piano and reads books

Instead of flirting it up

In tiny skirts and tight shirts

And partying all night

Till the crack of dawn.

All the guys know

About that weird girl

With her ugly-looking face

And her odd language

Of big-ass words

That nobody understands.

All the girls know

About her

That conceited bitch

Who thinks she’s all that

Just because she reads all dem books

And gets A’s in all her classes

And who never sits next to anybody at lunch

‘Cause she thinks she’s so cool.

Do you know

About the girl

Who doesn’t have a single friend

‘Cause she’s too smart

Too weird

Too different

Too ugly

Too plain

Too everything?

Do you know

About the girl

Who’d give anything to be normal

Who’d give anything to be accepted

Give anything…to be human?

Do you know

About the alien girl of the third planet from the Sun?

-Lisa Ankrah

Featured in Vol. 1 Iss. 3
Featured in Vol. 1 Iss. 4