The Beginning is Near, by Dylan Gano

Walk with me

Towards the ocean, my friend….

Walk with me to the end

I’m crippled by earth and time

Judgements aside, I’ll need a hand

The universe made her demands

She cradles us in her embrace

Repulsed by her creation

Our race that races to demise

The devil was disguised

He hides

Among us, he hides

And the time is nigh

Tonight he rides, with his cavalry at side

A massive wave crashes onto the masses

It slashes the pastures

and the past’s vastness of sadness is dispersed

Into the Universe’s caches

Energy will fill the sky

When you see me passing by

Always wishing we would die

Detachment present in our eyes

But tonight, tonight we fly

Blue, red, purple streaks

Streak across the sky in unison

Singularity, Clarity

Fire like mind unbound

A cessation of humanity

GIfted universal Nirvana

& opulent entropy

-Dylan Gano