The Blue Boy and the Devil, by O’ Susanna

Via Unsplash, Edited by Megha Patel

Dear Blue Boy:

You will always be my blue boy with the devil in your eye.

But your laugh tells me you keep him there on purpose — just to toy with him.

Yes          I knew you were the one          from the first:

no one else would be dumb enough

to throw wedding rice

inside a Greek Orthodox church

You filled the priest’s eye and we waited          for your address,

but the show had to go on, so he blessed you with his molten glare.

And now you’re my old blue boy, teaching morals to your young

while that devil tries to fight his way out

with velvet fists on tempered orbs.

Get a move on.

Get out from underfoot.

And take that sky and ocean with you.

Enough enchantment for today.

Write you more after I’m done with the dishes.

Love, Mama

-Susanna Polihros