The Death of Darkaidia

As the final sliver of the moon burnt a hole in me,

You died away.

I lost the last particle of morning

Not aware of the dangers you bring

When you awake, golden eyed,

Seeking a drop of dragon blood.

I have lost myself

My imagination thrown to the winds

Fell down an empty well

Where I tore my soul open.

I did not bleed.

How can the dead bleed when life is missing?

A piece I need for life is gone.

I am cast adrift.

Homeless. Alone. Empty.

My soul is a casket.

There is no body or bones for burial.

That part of me has dried up.

The lagoon of life gave me my happiness

But I am deprived. Sedated.

More hollow than a shattered clam shell.

How can I go on when the road ahead does not exist:

When I am lost in a world I do not belong in.

I never belonged anywhere.

The sea cried blood tears upon my arrival.

I drag on – seeking a purpose.

Wondering if and when I can and will live

Shall I be reborn in a bottle of perfume

Or shall I become a storm?

Like an unwanted pearl, I am unfurnished.

My shell is unpolished

A grain of sand has molded into nothingness.
In the darkness, I too become a pink flower stuck upon a pool of mucus.

-Fotini (Tia) Polihros

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