The Usual, by Mihir Rastogi

The Usual, via Unsplash, edited by Megha Patel

Time can’t pass fast enough.

You left with such conviction,

truly confident

in said decision.

There was no room for error,

not a closet nor cupboard either.

I think I drink too much;

but I’m not drunk enough.

We’re fundamentally different,

you and I.

We read the same books,

with the same authors,

but we’re on a different page.

I can’t sleep with you,

I can’t sleep without you.

I’ve been tracing lines on the ceiling,

looking for some conclusion.

I think I think too much;

but I haven’t thought enough.

You’re right.

We’re fundamentally different.

We took care of each other,

but we fed off just as much.

We were our own parasites,

giving and taking,

giving and receiving,

on again off again.

You think I drink too much;

but I’m never drunk enough,

so gimme back my alcohol.

-Mihir Rastogi