These I have Loved, by Andrew Rivera

The crunch of crisp juicy pink apples, sweet yet sour,

shinny skins that squeak when rubbed, the scent of approaching rain storms,

pitter patter of crystal clear drops bathing the earth and its trees,

blankets of darkness that cover the sky, and thunder with volume

that shakes the house, Precious moments of suspense before the

white hot flashes of electricity, filling the air with exuberant spark of might and awe.

A friendly shirt, as smooth as silk yet with motherly warmth that only a loved one gives,

a blanket saved from your childhood that heals the pains and problems

that the therapist cant. The smell of a sweet cup of coco

that warms your soul, and shares its feelings with you.

roaming hills that provide endless beauty to gaze upon.

the morning mist, a cloak of shadows over the gathering of trees,

the trees home, a cluster of natures heart; a place so familiar it feels like home.

a fresh cold blanket that paints the earth white that brings

a sort of Narnia type feeling to the forest; a fearsome roar of the clean engine,

the twang of a bow, the cries of a loon, and the light mysteries calls of an owl.

sweet tasting blueberries, the rapid pounding of a love struck heart,

a vast imagination, able to dream up all the things I love

All these have been my loves.

-Andrew Rivera

Featured in Vol. 3, Iss.1
Featured in Vol. 3, Iss.1