Tough Tweed, by Andrew Rivera

Listen up boys with glistening patches of thin facial wire

Don’t boast or brag about stubbly necks, your beard is yet a squire

You look like cracked sidewalks with weeds that keep creeping

Learn to respect and fear the beard, or else you’re missing the meaning

Facial hair must be grown only by the committed and able

A chin half bare and half growth is as good as half of a table

Beards grown by men with stories told just by their eyes

A beard is strong like the owl is wise

Twirling spindles of starchy tweed, that audibly ruffle around

Like thick forest vines that spiral together and can’t be cut down

A thousand small snakes coiling up toward one single face

Is holds secrets of knights nobility shown at first sight

Behold its awesome might!

-Andrew Rivera

Featured in Vol. 2 Iss. 7
Featured in Vol. 2 Iss. 7