Under An Unknown Umbra, by D.L. Brookes

Under an unknown Umbra, plenty is light

A vanilla man fashions dreams through the night

This man is not asleep, he is hard at work

These visions unbound and of his own instinct

Fastened to these thoughts, cables to a bridge

As a smith on a grindstone, as a dancer for you

Taken by his ethic, yet conquered by fear

Our Friend of antiquity, our Friend is near

Soon his work spawns fulfillment

Yet, his dreams still stand at his trough

He pleads to the umbra though he’s unaware

“I have followed my heart and achieved in that!”

He stands guard of his lifework, dark staring in

The Umbra has always stared, glaring in

He knows not the dark full of light

A deafening brilliance, the father of dreams

Lay down your gilded thoughts vanilla man

Change your position, refract the unknown

For there is nothing more truthful, nor peace more serene

Our deepest knowledge is the blink of- the Truth

A single echo in a valley of cries

Do not fret vanilla man

For the Umbra’s tides that wash over you

Are nothing more than the trembles of the Absolute

-D.L. Brookes

Featured in Vol. 3, Iss.1
Featured in Vol. 3, Iss.1