Unseen by You, by D.L. Brookes

I feel something

Looming in the distance

Precariously dragging its threads

My waters wash over banks of promise

But do you hear that? Off in the distance

A deafening muteness

I feel an odd stillness here

Soon I will dismiss it as stagnant thought

It continues to weave itself in my life

I continue to take notes, planning

Soon we’ll shepherd ourselves from the tops of ridges

Down into the timber in search of water

We’ll do what we are supposed to do

I’ll drink, eat, and bathe, all with company

I’ll stay by the fervent river, we all will

Our hammocks have been woven for us

I’ll recount my life one day on the banks of the river

How we followed each other into the valley

How the thirst of one turned into a mass yearning

I’ll wonder about man and its tracks

Prepping himself, packaging himself

For a life that’s not his own

He convinces himself of comfort

What was clear has been smudged

I will dismiss that thought as a stagnant thought

And, in that moment

I will remember the wild flowers of the mountain tops  

-D.L. Brookes